10 Things to Do on my birthday

1. Remove all notifications on social media. It feels like a zombie's statue mounted in public gaze ever ready to be whipped.

2. Avoid the sugary pasted cake for too much sweetness is injurious to the soul.

3. Chuck out the selfies. Time to go and get a life for it feels like being a narcissist admiring the self in the mirror.

4. Mind that child. I am one who refuses to age which is shit scary like hiting the head on a tree trunk and nopes, you don't wanna remind me how old I am growing.

5.  Kiss a frog. Right! I am not kidding. The prettiest girls in down are probably too young for me and the ones after me can be wearing stilettos. Hey! It's my birthday and am not buying you a red pair of long heels.

6. Waking up to a new identity and switching off the phone.I am no Alice in wonderland rediscovering just a plain calendar change to wallow in self-love or self-pity.

7. Stop acting my age! Well! What can I be? An owl, parrot or a baby. Yeah, I shall cry in the cradle and make a halo with this evil smile.

8. Hug myself. Yes! I often do that. See, self love is better than water conservation and not giving away any love to anyone other than myself.

9. Partying with my chaddi buddies and make it a hell like Santa claus memory kinda celebration. How about crashing into someone's empty bungalow at midnight and speaking pot of hashish only to be caught by cops. Birthday treat, loud singing and dancing inside jail in our supermen and superwomen chaddis. A chaddi birthday and sore bum that we shall never ever forget!

10.Congratulations for reading till the end. Now, I shall give you condoms to blow for it's not my birthday. Pull your zip and let the balloons fly in the air.


Things I did this week!

 I ain't-a dull boy. Entertainment and a zing for life happen when I least ask for them or take steps. I am Usain Bolt in reverse, except that running for my life as if a pack of wolves are unleashed on me. This writer-should I call me one?- is plainly bored with existence and fishing for stuff like the KFC burger that got deleted out of life.

1. No fat cat

I ain't-a cat snuggling on my mistress' bed. Ever heard of a balloon popping inside my body system? Battling the nerves like a mad car running out of the steam, the cholesterol result reveals an increasing spree pretty much like the shades of grey and creamy stuff. A tale of needle pricking the thumb. Bad signal. I felt like Bahubali in the middle of the night when doctar babu had to press the thumb for the juices to flow. I could have licked my own blood. A sixer! I could have been Edward Cullen without my Bell at Twilight. Time to cut the slack or trouble like in the Big Boss House. Sniff! Sniff! I am not Garfield.

2. Run Vishal Run

I am not a burglar nor I have abandoned a war zone post. I broke a record this week by going for jogging thrice a week, a first from the usual two trips. I braved the rain and got drenched. What we have to do for health! This world, I tell you. Next times, I shall break free like a bovine afflicted by madness or chase people like a famished dog.

3. Whatsapp!

Whatsapping and sharing silly forwards feel like a ritual for me that changes hands like hide-and-seek in childhood. Head you win, tail I lose! You know illusion are objects closer in the mirror than they appear. The nostalgia of train travel in childhood and images of moving train, berth list, huddling compartments, and weight machine in cartoon description brought me back to those days. I saved the images to send to some 50 to 70 odd contacts on the phone. A haha was sent back on this human creation called WhatsApp but suddenly it seems that the ghost was angry. It felt like Baba Ramdev's curse for mocking Patanjali.  My whatsapp wasn't opening and after fiddling with it, between switching on and off, it felt like angry birds died suddenly. Finally, all was good like happy ending in our movies.

4. Bacha party

The little monster in the neighborhood turned two today and I was feeling like a zombie saying No the mouth-watering fries on the table. Sweets and cakes are like the sexy girl that I cannot resist which broke my resilience. I munched on them along with tea. Indulgence looks like 'Maya' sauntering into my life and the ugly uncle mouthing on the bacha's cake. The only thing missing was a devil and decayed tooth to scare the brave child who was too busy with his cake and candle.

5. Oatmill kid

You know the Complan kid who suddenly grows taller. I am the Oatmill kid who wakes up and sleeps with it as if it's Cinderella. Oh! Cholesterol! Now, Oatmill is my lethal weapon of mass destruction to destroy cholesterol every single day. Now, who stole my grains! But, then why do I feel like Saddam and not George Bush?!


Plain vanilla chocolate love

Love is stubborn,

Love is a prayer.

 Love is non conditional,

 Love is limitless,

Love is plain vanilla chocolate,

simple and exuberant, 

Love is the spirit, 

of senses and sensuality, 

Love is a drug,




Love can burn you into ashes,



Love is the power,

destroying souls,

coalescing them into one whole,

Who needs poison? 

Plain and simple love.


Mystic, crazy and devilish rain

Crazy, playful rain!

Don't you ever get tired playing cat-and-mouse?!

strumming notes,

high pitched,

shrilled voice,

mysterious shadow,

Wrecking anger,

streak of gentleness,

unleashing force,

disappearing like the mystic,

expressing various human hues,

are you for real,

or just a naughty child?

time to stop, will you?

stop smiling at my misery,

I long for your sight,

Yet you seem like an uninvited ghost,

aha! now you listen to me!

devilish force,

I bow to your might!

O! Rain! Force of fury,

Go and chase your friends,

you are no sensual woman,

tormenting my sense,

got no interest to serenade you,

and swaying to your tune, 


Your day shall come! O' ghoul

Your time shall come one day, 

you having a dervish time, 

ripping apart a gentle soul, 

laugh all you want at her last voyage, 

destiny is wicked, 

your evil mind will rot in hell, 

When your innocent children shall helplessly watch at your plight, 

for you are not sparing her memory and soul, 

today her children are suffering, 

their tears and grief, 

you shall not be spared, 

doomsday will strike on you, 

whatever goes around come back,

 karma is your bitch that hurts, 

the same that you take pride in, 

when this day comes, 

we shall watch for you didn’t think a second,

you possessed soul,

face of a ghoul.  

Keep faith



Tenderness and lusty hearts


Sensual gaze, 

Flirting with a brush stroke of dust, 

longing for luscious lip, 

stroke play of earth meeting orbit,

tipping point,

slither of bosoms,

gentle hand stroking flawless surface, 

wild current rushing down the spine, 

Your easy gaze and abandon, 

knocked me off the perch,

Seductive laughter, 

intense eyes,

filling the empty soul,

flared intensity,

our gaze met,

barren souls,

 come and play,

delete the emptiness,

harvest my heart with love and lust,

ignite the tenderness of existence,

with human needs,

no foreplay,

plain individuality,

no sin is too big for men and women.


Dating and break up saga

Relationships are fickle. Some stay with us forever while the rest disappear like the dint of sand soaked in the sea waves. Break ups can tear us apart. In some uniquely fashioned cases or which is rather the norm nowadays, relationships survive for a couple of weeks and months which help us to sail through without going through the emotional trauma. It’s all about the vibes and no heavy duty burden or load. Depression sinks in when we find it tough to thrive and survive without the person who was our swan song or lil whispers cooing in the ears on the phone early morning.

 There is no point hitting the rock bottom of emptying the liquor bottle, crying in the company of mushy emotional songs or nursing wounds for the whole day.  Yes! I now see no point cursing the self about a short relationship going kaput for negative energy sucks to the core. The trick lies in getting up and hitting the latest party in town. Get sloshed if you may and start dating again. The pubs and parties are often a haven for singletons looking to hook up or having a scene. It doesn't matter if you are ending up with someone for a harmless fling or a Tandoori night. It helps to ward off emotional crisis. 

 It makes sense to be in a spree of affairs and I am not advocating two-timing kinda hit and bang but rather treading fearlessly to explore your inner side as a human being. It can be very therapeutic and strengthens the soul which grows in terms of carving out emotional balance in life. 

One of the worst things that can happen in a terrible break up or romance gone sour is that it can sap our emotional confidence and gloat into the growing distrust of human relationships. Avoid entering this pitfall which is detrimental to your growth and no point mulling over what went wrong for the past cannot come back. The most logical thing to do is to look ahead, meet new people, explore and be a wild stallion. Yes! I ain't kidding. 

As humans, we tend to go back too much to a haunting past and wear blinkers where the road ahead is seen as a bumpy road while a smooth sailing reality stares at us. It's a trait in many of us who have experienced heart breaks or hurt. We tend to run away from meeting people or even a hint of being interested from the other person is met with the scorn, often the defence mechanism employed to push people away.

Relationships are not updates or selfies that we need to put on Facebook or Instagram to seek out validations. Nor are heart breaks adultery or the biggest sins committed on earth. High time to take a chill pill and go easy on the self. So what? Screw ups happen in life. About time to stop being so obsessive about this thing called love or till death does us about apart kinda crap. It's the biggest misnomer which turns us into jilted lovers and prevent in exploring real relationships with an open mind.  

Post break up, remind yourself that there is no need to be stuck with this extra baggage and hang out with someone forever for there are relationships that come with an expiry date. It's plain stupid to hang on to someone. Just enjoy the times spent together and move on.