Lightning's spell

Thunderous night,

 owls scratching earth's mound,

sheltering wings and feathers',

lovers’ snuggling in fear,

enmeshed flesh,

forced intimacy,

darkness casting a spell,

ransomed romance,

stirred apart,

shrieking of birds,

candle's timid flame,

road to hell,

spoilt sex,

blame it on lovers,



it comes uninvited,

the enemy within, 

crashed party,

lips missing the cue out of fear,

lightning strikes again,

devil's force to wriggle them apart,

a child wailing in fear,

rough hands cajoling,

tender touch,


mighty thunder bows out,

melting inside the cloud.



A cosmic's creation

I am a cosmic creation,
I am you,
You are me,
flesh is the universe's creation,
only the soul is real,
no right or wrong,
knotted strings,
carved by fellow travelers,
a journey crafted with excitement, happiness and tears,
we belong to each other,
in the illusory world,
time is not ours to decode,
sway to the tune,
someone's else creation,
who is the creator?
a nameless benefactor,
giving us name and form,
O! Seeker,
the road is complex,
so are you!
a puppet,
or may be not!

With love 


Flash Fiction: Frozen tale of love

 The eyes met fleetingly as she silently followed her lover inside the suite. He exuded a timid grin and lit a cigarette watching the curled ringed smoke billowing past the huge window to disappear in the starry sky. The hotel lobby was deserted in the night. He nibbled his fingers as the eyes cocked on the freshly painted blue ceiling, huge chandelier and the speckle clean white marble.

The window slid open and the strong breeze fluttered his disheveled hair in aimless direction. It was past midnight and he admired the dotted light on the busy road in the city when the feminine hands pressed his bare chest and ran down his navel.  The voice whispered something inside his ear, bite his neck as a strange force engulfed him. He followed her inside the room and the wooden door flipped close. 

 She wore a sensual smile and the eyes spouted a flared up intensity like mothball of fire as the sensual, silky body splayed on the huge bed. He asked, "Your husband?" She winked at him, "Why worry? I am the Queen. Two souls becoming one tonight. Only me and you." There was a certain evil streak in her eyes and it almost gave him a heart attack. They caressed each other. She untied her bra and slid down her pants, inching slowing to press his chest. He couldn't control his mind and body. They were wrapped like sliding balls melting into each other before falling asleep. He felt a jarring sensation piercing his chest in the morning and his head splitting in pain, spinning around the rooftop and the floor.

 He felt nauseatic and in no time, pulled his clothes and shoes to push his body out, running to his room. It felt like a hurricane and he slept for the whole day. In the evening, he felt light and took his usual walk in the hotel lobby when he saw her husband who shook his hand asking, “Alone?” He made a hesitant conversation and his eyes bobbed towards the couple suite, casually asking about the family. "No! I came here alone and spend every year at this time in this hotel. My wife died in this hotel at midnight a couple of years back."

A voice suddenly whispered in his ear, "A scintillating night it was! He is a liar and killed me in the same room.” He froze to death.

The end


100 Words: Don't lose your movie ticket

The car’s door yanked open. He ran towards the theater but was abruptly stopped by the security insisting for movie ticket. Still panting, he emptied his purse and shuffled through his jeans pocket but it has mysteriously disappeared.  He scurried back towards the car and rummaged through everything, the seat and roof but in vain. Finally, he accepted defeat but suddenly felt an arrow like sensation piercing on his chest. The movie ticket was smiling at him on his tee pocket. Dashing past the security he barged past the door as the dark screen showed, 'Don't lose your movie ticket'. 

The end.


Coffee shops and the spice of life

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Kiss in the coffee shop,
some find love and intimacy,
coffee shops soothes the nerve,
I write poetry,
words and coffee are life-long partners,
business deals aced,
makes for a spicy date,
admiring beauties,
coffee shops concocts a new story,
every single day,
create writers out of nowhere,
no luxury,
a way of life,
coffee hubs,
make great lovers,
a sensual affair,
who created coffee shops?
a genius perhaps,
to whine time,
whipping dreams,
no life without coffee shops.


Memory that haunts

Moments framed inside the heart,

unfiltered emotions,

tears running deep inside our consciousness,

steamed joy,


sacred bonding,

of friendship and love,

days of purity,

the era always comes in another form,


to give expression,

haunt the soul,

universe way of telling us,

cross all limits,

quench the thirst,

achieve the half-baked dreams,

fly to conquer,

never let aspirations die,

jostled out of bed in the wee hours,

read the sign,

the soul's calling,

listen to this heart craving for the extraordinary.



Liquor and the wandering soul

One single drop of tear,

lost in the vast flow of alcohol,

mind swaying to the shots,

loneliness may just be another name,

liquor makes for gallant company,

who says we are alone?

company is an adjective for the mind,

our silly emotions,

limitless thoughts soaring in the sky,

the individual ceases to matter,

the glass does,

a soul wandering from one place to the other,

in quest of a refined identity,

to create and join the strings,

longing for togetherness,